Friday, 3 May 2013

Bestetti's Balmoral (galosh) Oxfords

For the day I have sampled a Balmoral Oxford (Galosh) from Master Bestetti of Italy, the sampled is in calf and pigskin. Once again comes the "Gladiator" the "Man of Men" in such beautiful rendition, sometimes I wonder how can a male shoe be so masculine yet preserve the feminine touch and beauty and still be elegant. I am aware that for some these shoes might be boring as they are black, but there are some of us who have to mingle and sweat for our daily bread in very conservative environments, where black is appropriate. These shoe samples are sleek, elegant and they do send a clear message, whatever that is. You decide. 
Hope you all have a pleasant weekend.

Model York a Balmoral laced black Oxford in it's beauty and glory from Master Bestetti
Below a Balmoral laced Oxford in black pigskin, a hide to reckon with and appreciate. These shoes are the hight of shoemaking. Master Bestetti's shoes can not be mistaken for any as his DNA and signature is all over the shoe.  I simply love these Balmorals mine look rather wobbly bobbly compared to these. I suppose it was the last chosen. That is another story and a different shoemaker. 
Photos sourced from Master Bestetti


  1. Anyone who thinks these shoes are boring is insane. These are something special, the right black shoes can go with anything and bring more to the party than your average black shoe. These are impeccable .. Thanks SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for your comment. They are indeed special black shoes from Master Bestetti.

    Have a pleasant day.


    The Shoe Aristo Cat

    1. How can Immediatley contact master Bestetti to purchase these footwear? nine seven two-six two one-nine eight eight zero. Clint

  3. This is Clint again, you did say you were busy therefore I will be patient. However I do wonder why it's a challenge to purchase such a sought after item. Is there something everyone else knows except for me. The shoes are Fantastic, I'd so much like to wear them and upgrade my whole status, from the feet up! please contact me vis email or phone when you get a chance