Monday, 13 May 2013

Landry Lacour - Patina designer in Belgium

I am always fascinated by patina creators, artists, masters, designers, who create a "painting" from leather and give a normal shoe an art look and transform it to an object to be displayed and admired. I am not referring to the normal spit shine or high gloss shine, but art true art, and one such person is Landry Lacour, who is now showing more samples from his hands. Quite amazing, hard work and many hours of work to bring the perfect patina art and design to the shoe. I envy the owners of these fine shoes.

A black, blue, hint of grey stitched cap toe laced Oxford. Amazing design and art work.
Here I see not just adding colour, but movement into the colours... thus art. So lovely.
 A cap toe of wing tipped brogue. Safir polish reflected ....stunning...
A whole cut laced Oxford as an art object
A full brogue laced Oxford, very Dandyish. Just perfect.
All photos sourced from Le Noeud Papillon

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