Thursday, 2 May 2013

Meermin - Suede cap toe Adelaide

Meermin of Spain does a great job on affordable classic men's shoes. In some circles there is too much talk of price and less talk on quality based on a reasonable rationale of price versus quality. 
Below is a picture of a Meermin "Made To Order" punched cap toe Adelaide in Janus calf suede. A beautiful shoe for the Spring / Summer at an affordable price for any gent looking for classic, timeless and elegant shoes.

Meermin suede punched cap toe Adelaide
Photos sourced from Meermin Shoes Tumblr


  1. Meermin is starting to get a lot of attention here in the states. There isn't many fine shoe haberdasheries here in my city, but the best one, carries meermin. Goodyear welter, hand stitched, slightly more sleek than an Alden but not as sleek as a G&G. And you cannot beat them for value. Many are in the 300$ (200€) range which for a quality shoe, you can't beat. They will last you literally decades if cared for properly and even through several sole changes.. Thanks SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for your comment. Pity that your city does not carry many fine shoes for men, but you have Meermin, which is a good shoe for the money. I never compare shoes, as the different houses have their styles and clientele. At the end of the day is what one prefers. Long story short, Meermin is a company to watch and their MTO is also good worth the hard earned bucks.

    Have a pleasant day.


    The Shoe Aristo Cat