Monday, 27 May 2013

GJ Cleverley - The exotic single monk

For today I have sampled a beautiful rendition of a single strap monk from the London based GJ Cleverley establishment. The last two years or so, a trend prevailed, which was  getting "monks" in double straps or more, a trend which was "fashion like" and was getting a tad too much. So I was pleased to see a simple single strap monk in exotic hide commissioned by gent from The Cleverley's. The gent went back to basics of a single strap, but highlighted the shoe by choosing an exotic hide, a GJ Cleverley suspicious square chisel toe and a beautiful colour to the shoe to compliment the Summer. 
The beauty of this monk lies within the tiny microscopic details. Take the hide, the scaling of the hide gets smaller towards the cap toe, whilst large/larger at vamp and back (heel) part. The polishing, where the scales  join, the colour is different, thus highlighting the scales. The buckle colour blends perfectly well with the rest of the colour shades of the shoe. Stunning beautiful. 

Exotic: yes, classic: yes, timeless: yes, stylish: yes, elegant: yes. 
 A bespoke GJ Cleverley single strap monk in an exotic hide
Photos sourced from GJ Cleverley

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