Friday, 31 May 2013

Bestetti black tassel loafer for the day

As the Summer is slowly showing it's true colours and the warmth is felt allover the place and everyone around is enjoying what the Summer brings, warmth. My thoughts during this time have been around on the below depicted Master Bestetti creation of a loafer, a tassel loafer in black hide. I know most gents prefer their loafers in suede, but...I do not see why not to pair this black calf loafer with a light weight cloth Summer suiting and then this highly polished pair of loafers, add Gammarelli socks and a Spring/Summer coloured paisley pocket square to the suit jacket and top it off with a Panama hat. 
I have in mind two tassel loafers, that must be made in calf hide and one of them is the below as renditioned by Master Bestetti.

Black calf raised apron tassel loafer 

Photos sourced from Master Bestetti

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