Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Marquess Full Brogue in brown

For the day I have sampled a typical full brogue laced Oxford shoe from Master Shoji Kawaguchi aka "Marquess". However this shoe is different, as it encapsulates in its design, form, shape and rendition the big three within English bespoke shoemaking. The below shoe has all the trademarks, beauty, artisanship, perfection and respect for details as in shoes made by Master Nikolaus Tuczek, The Cleverley's (Master GJ Cleverley and Master Anthony Cleverley) and Master Eric Cook. 

Master Shoji Kawaguchi kept the below shoe very simple, proportion wise well done, sleek, elegant, square chisel toe and lastly in a simple brown colour. Just so perfect, classical and timeless. 
If it was not of the "Marquess" on the pictures, I would have said it is a Cleverley made shoe or Master Nikolaus Tuczek and even Master Eric Cook creation. Well done Master "Marquess". 

Again it is the beauty of going bespoke, a perfect rendition of a brown full brogue laced Oxford from Master "Marquess". May the owner wear this beauty in good health.
Brown full brogue laced Oxford with a square chisel toe.
Photos sourced from Marquess Bespoke


  1. Great shoe.. This may sound odd... But I love it when a shoe maker has a tan .. Nearly bright orange sole of the shoe.. Invisible if the shoe is upright and stationary but slightly visible when its being walked in. I have a pair of magnanni shoes and they have this effect. It's almost like a glow coming from underneath the shoe off of the right hardwood flooring or ceramic tiles floor. Not to mention that when I opened the box to unveil my purchase, it was almost like they had an orange light In the box. It's those subtle little details and personal touches that put me over the top. Wether it be a bright but not gaudy bottom of the shoe, or a well placed slight imperfection, or a slightly off the norm color choice or a shoe that so perfect it hurts (G&G). Thanks SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Nice hearing from you again. Thanks for the very personal comment. I had to read it a few times, yes we all have our little things and thanks God to that otherwise we will all be mimicking someone else. I am pleased you enjoyed the blog.

    Have a pleasant day.

    Best of regards

    The Shoe Aristo Cat