Saturday, 18 May 2013

John Lobb - bespoke -Oxford cap toe with brogue vamp

The venerable London based bespoke shoe and bootmaker John Lobb is well known around the world for their shoes, a symbol of classical English shoes, a trademark of the connoisseur, the ultimate shoe lover, so stylish, elegant and timeless. I have been going through their on-line catalogue of bespoke shoes and boots and I recall stopping a few times at the below depicted Oxford laced shoe with a cap toe and a brogue (perforated vamp) no heel counter perforation. 
In my opinion this is the most beautiful rendition of a half brogue Oxford laced shoe with a punched cap toe. Simple, elegant and timeless. The mahogany / cognac colour adds sophistication to it. I do not know many houses that carry this shoe, but it is in my humble opinion a beauty. The cap toe is not darkened as expected but lighter in  colour than the rest of the shoe. Simple yet elegant and refined.

John Lobb's Oxford laced punched cap toe (with medallion) and a brogue vamp. Chisel square toe. 
Photos sourced from John Lobb Bootmaker


  1. Not sure how I feel about the reverse darkening .. I may have to see these In person. I typically like the antiqued look with a darker toe .. But light throws a wrench into the whole damned process. As you can tell SA, I am all about sleekness, elegance and classic shoes that let the craftsmanship speak for themselves. I can't figure out if these just opened Pandora's box for me... Or closed me off completely from more trendy coloring... Hmmm

    Thanks SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the input and the comment. My humble view on this shoes was based on a pair seen from WS Foster, a black Oxford which had faded, cap toe looking more greyish than black. After some time I realised that the shoe was indeed unique as it was faded naturally by the sun. I have the same view on this shoe, most antique patina shows the shoe with a darkened cap toe, whilst here it is the reverse. It makes the shoe patina going against trend, which is what I admire about the shoe.

    Have a pleasant day.


    The Shoe Aristo Cat