Thursday, 16 May 2013

Dandy Shoe Care revival of an exotic Derby

If I had an old loved pair of shoes which needed revival and a second life, no doubt I will be in contact with Russian/Italian Grand Duke of Patina Design, patina artist, patina Master, Alexander Nurulaeff "aka" Dandy Shoe Care. 
I have been learning the more sophisticated and time consuming art of polishing shoes and I am so far from the real thing, then you have "Dandy Shoe Care" who not only polishes the shoe to heavenly dimensions, but adds an extra new life and spirit to the shoe. My greatest respect for Dandy Shoe Care. No more talk filling the void with empty words. View and judge the revival of the exotic Derby as renditioned by "Dandy Shoe Care". WoW!!!  
Revival of an exotic hide Derby by "Dandy Shoe Care"
Photos sourced from Dandy Shoe Care


  1. Thank you.
    When I see happy all the people who appreciate my Art - this is the true wealth and satisfaction.
    Best regards.
    Alexander Nurulaeff

  2. Great job Alexander! Always impressed with your work!

  3. Hello Master Alexander,

    I am honoured to have you on this blog. Sir, no need to thank me, I thank you for your inspiring work, that keeps the likes of me busy.

    Have a pleasant day Master pass my regards to the lady of the House of Nurulaeff.


    The Shoe Aristo Cat

  4. Hi Brad,

    I like you direct contact to Master Alexander, almost missed the two comments.

    Have a pleasant day.

    Best of regards

    The Shoe Aristo Cat