Tuesday, 28 May 2013

GJ Cleverley the "Churchill" in Polo suede

I have a few times explained that I favour the side gussets for their practicality. I know many gents who loathe the side gussets especially when paired with "faux laces" and resembling an Oxford shoe, or it be a full brogue, cap toe etc-etc. But I do like them and have a few of these creations.

For the day, I have sampled a GJ Cleverley, faux laced full austerity / blind brogue with side gussets made of Polo suede aka "The Churchill". WOW! 

Now, some may say I am biased when it comes to GJ Cleverley, no I am not. They do produce wonderful shoes and for me their shoes fit from go, no need to break them in for days on end. In February of this year, I was thinking of commissioning the "Churchill" but ended up with the Aidan and the Jack in burgundy (seen next to the Clifford) and then topped it off with the Peter in black, which I am looking forward to receive at any moment from now. 

The "Churchill" (austerity brogue) with "faux" laces and a side gussets in Polo suede.
Photos sourced from Leather Soul Hawaii

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