Thursday, 23 May 2013

Sloop loafers spoiled by marinated olive oil

I simply adore the lightness of the Spring/Summer loafers, more the latter, when it is very hot. Over the past days here in Southern Sweden the weather moved from plus 30 degrees celsius to just below twenty and paired with rain. 
So my good intentions whilst hot was to bring out my few Summer loafers out and air them. 
It is funny that I have had the three Sloop loafers as seen below, but only used one pair bottom right and that was like two years ago, as I simply forgot that I did own these three Sloop loafers.
Loafers for the Spring and Summer from top: Sloop (dark brown suede) and Sloop dark brown, bottom: GJ Cleverley (left) and another Sloop (tan) bottom (right) which I have used a few times until I got caught up in rain in 2010 and simply forgot about this.
Here the Sloop, my favourite Summer shoe paired with Gammarelli red socks
 The Sloop with water markings from a down pair in 2010. 
Now, three days ago, I was wearing the same shoe (above Sloop), when in a Supermarket, the trolly behind me had a drip of Olive oil and just happened to end on my right foot Sloop loafer. The trolly lady was apologetic, she was not aware that her shopping trolly had a drip, I offered to clean as she was "so big" meaning pregnant and later offered to push her trolly to her car. I felt good as a Shoe Aristo Cat and a Gent. She was grateful and that made my day, but ended up with a shoe touched by marinated olive oil. Maybe will make a good patina. Hmmm not sure. Looks terrible anyway. May have to discard this Sloop, time will tell.
Photos sourced from me


  1. Maybe a good wash using leather soap would solve the problems? I rescued a pair of shoes with water stains using Saphir "Omninettoyant". Maybe this could work on th olive oil as well?

    Best regards

  2. Dear Wooster,

    I will try the recommended solution. Thanks for your advice which I deeply appreciate. Have a pleasant weekend.


    The Shoe Aristo Cat