Friday, 31 May 2013

The Duchess of Windsor's shoes and travel case

For ending the month of May 2013, I have sampled a pair of shoes and a Louis Vuitton travel trunk that once belonged to the Duchess of Windsor (Mrs. Wallis Simpson). I understand that the shoe was designed by Mr. Andrew Geller, bought at Harvey Nichols in London's Knightsbridge in the 1950's.
The depicted shoes are brocade peep-toe high heels with leather embellishment, and intricate floral embroidery and gold cross straps, so I doubt that they came cheap. I'm not into ladies shoes, but ....the below depicted does hint the artisans shoe craft and respect for the trade. This shoes are about sixty years old, and still looking good and elegant to me. Hope the lady readers do not lynch me for my humble opinion.

An Andrew Geller shoe for The late Duchess of Windsor (Mrs. Simpson)
A Louis Vuitton travel trunk with inscription "The Duchess of Windsor" on it. Now this piece does not come cheap even today. Have to say the Duchess knew how to spend it in style and with grace.
Photos sourced from the Tumblr

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