Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Vintage elegantly dressed black gents......

For quite some time I have been thinking of these two vintage photos of these gents looking very elegant and classic in their outfits which are also timeless. The photos depicts well cut clothing, the jackets are soft shouldered, the trousers high risen on the waist. The shirt sleeve length just perfectly done, then to top it all, walking sticks, a boater hat and a Homborg. Dapper, elegant, classic & timeless. Oh, forgot the well polished punched cap toe shoes or Balmoral boots and the perfect length of the cuffed trousers.

Viewing these photos, I can not imagine anything but that the clothing is "bespoke" and commissioned not ready to wear, thus the perfect fit and elegant look. A time when men took pride in their looks before stepping out of their doors. 
 The second photo below depicts a standing gent and one sitting. Standing gent wearing a three piece, two button single breasted suit, white or creamed shirt. Again here the trousers are high in waist, jacket very trimmed. Elegantly polished cap toe Oxfords. Sitting gent also three piece suit, crisp white shirt and a stripped tie, an elegant hat that could be a Homborg or Lord's hat, he is also wearing a well polished Oxford laced shoe. Simply elegant and timeless attire.
Photos sourced from The Sartorialist, I believe.

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