Friday, 17 May 2013

Bestetti hand coloured Derby

Master Riccardo Bestetti does it again, in the below pictures we see the transformation of  raw leather shoe to a very beautiful piece of art, hand painted shoe. Here again, it is probably the collaboration of a patina designer and the shoemaker artisan putting movements and energy into the leather, handled as canvass. No words needed, let the pictures say it all. Very well done Master Bestetti.  

Master Bestetti hand painted Derby.
The Bestetti hand coloured Derby transformed from raw colourless to a beautiful swan. Amazing process to follow.
Photos sourced from Master Bestetti


  1. Love the coloring, the toe, and quite frankly the entire shoe and I can even appreciate the uniqueness of the 'branding' . But just because I can appreciate it doesn't mean I have to like it lol. I'm not sure if this is bespoke or mto or what, but I'm just not getting into the extra detail around the eyelets. With out those, that's one fine pair of shoes .. Heck even with it they are fine... Thanks SA

  2. Hi there Brad,

    Thanks for the sincere input/comment. I was also looking at the part of the eyelets and I "assume" that the person who commissioned them has "B and E" or "BB" in his initials, could be "B and reversed B" for Bestetti. At the end of the day it does not matter, as the shoe is very unique, will have heads turning around.

    I personally I'm not a fan of Derbies, but this's a killer jack.

    Have a pleasant weekend


    The Shoe Aristo Cat