Thursday, 2 May 2013

Prince Charles out witting the Nordic Royals at HRH Willem-Alexander at pre and inauguration ceremony

HRH Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands invited Royalties and dignitaries to a banquette pre to the inauguration and to the inauguration of her son Crown Prince Willem-Alexander. The Nordic Royals were invited as well as HRH Prince Charles as protocol demands. However my focus will be on HRH Prince Charles outwitting the Nordics in elegancy, refinement, and true classic dressing for a royal. 

HRH Prince Charles is the "King of impeccability", he may not come close to coronation, but he is King when it comes to stylish, elegant, class, timeless and quintessential English gents dressing. 

The below pictures shoe HRH Prince Charles outwitting the Nordic Royal gents in simple elegant dressing. 

HRH Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall to the banquet in a dinner suit. What a Majestic entrance and greeting in a double breasted dinner suit, white shirt, bow tie, pocket square, hah not white but.... and that hand greeting, almost non-chalant. "Here I am, may not get that far, but I am a King, and not just a King, but King of Elegancy". 
Here we go, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, single breasted dinner suiting, white shirt, bow tie, traditional white pocket square (no surprise). Too much shirt cuff showing and something which I do not know what it is, some white showing at the left vent. Hmmm... a Norwegian thing or a shirt untucked. You tell me. Not to mention the slagging trouser length and the side gusset patent shoes. Did I miss something about the dinner suiting shoes? Ahhh...only me..I suppose.
Danish Crown Prince Frederik, double breasted dinner suiting, white shirt, bow tie and the tad too long jacket sleeve and shirt sleeve. Missing a pocket square and no studs on the shirt. Ouch...

The Nordic Royals with Crown Prince Willem-Alexander who were guaranteed invitation to the inauguration of HRH Prince Willem-Alexander. HRH Prince Haakon(Second gent from left) slagging trousers and a sports watch with a dinner suiting. Prince Daniel (third gent from left) also sagging trousers-hmmm he never learns and lastly HRH Crown Prince Frederik, dinner jacket a tad too long. Funny enough all Nordic Royals opted for a single breasted dinner jacket, HOWEVER without a cummerbund or waistcoat. Ouch...ouch...

Crown Prince Willem-Alexander's inauguration ceremony, enters HRH Prince Charles in military gala uniform. Wow more Majestic it can never get. King of impeccable dressing.

HRH Prince Haakon of Norway, same military gala dressing but ouch....those trousers all swagging for more potatoes to be packed in. 

HRH Prince Fredrik of Denmark in military gal uniform, looking good, did not get pictures of the trouser length. Pity

Prince Daniel of Sweden, in a full tail gala dress, looking good. 

The winner is: HRH Prince Charles the King of Impeccability
Photos sourced from Hello Magazine and Style Elite


  1. The crown prince haakon's sleeve length seems ok with me. I find when wearing cuff links a little peak of the link is ok, if those were traditional cuffs, they would be much too long. His pant tho, does he not have a tailor? Wow are they bad.. An that white line in his coat seems to be the lining of the jacket, why it isn't charcoal or black is beyond me. Crown prince frederik's suit isn't horribly fitted but seems a bit casual for the gala. I don't necessarily mind he doesn't have a pocket square, but he needs the studs for the event. As far as the military garb for the rest, I cannot speak on that, it's not prevalent here in the states and my ignorance would and does embarrass me in this regard. They look all very much royal to me. Thanks SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the comment and observations on the royalties. In regards to the military wardrobe, I can not say much as most Royal military gala depicts a regiment in the respective country and where the Royals (male) served. True they look very Royal and impressive.

    Have a pleasant day.

    The Shoe Aristo Cat