Monday, 22 April 2013

Barber and fragrance specialist for a gent - Helsingborg (Sweden)

Today I have decided not to talk about shoes and clothing for a moment, but rather something as simple as a barber shop and fragrance establishment in the Southern part of Sweden (Helsingborg). For those gents living in the nearby's might find it worth to know that such an establishment exists and it is worth a visit.

Half a year ago I encountered this nice little unique establishment in the heart of Helsingborg (Sweden), named "Gents". The shop specialises in hair grooming for men and offers high-end fragrances for gents and other products for your face and body to keep your skin healthy looking, clean and good looking. For the moment, it is the only establishment I know of in Southern Sweden, including Copenhagen, Denmark that offers such services and consultation.

The shop offers all kinds of grooming/shaving utensils and fragrances for the discerning gent, top it off, they groom and shave you in the back discreetly, away from the public peeping eyes. The "Gents" staff is friendly and very knowledgeable about grooming, barbering and fragrances and other useful things for the your body.

The shelves are packed up with my favourite scents/fragrances; Creed, Penhaligon's, Aqua Di Parma, and Floris , note that the named fragrance houses are old establishments, if you are looking for something exquisite for yourself. The shop is a One-Pit Stop for all you need to keep your hair well groomed and body well moistured and smelling descent for the day. So if you are in Malmö, Copenhagen and or Helsingborg, try visiting "Gents", it's worth the visit.

"Gents"in Helsingborg, a barber and a fragrance shop for a gent
Photos sourced from myself. 

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