Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bestetti single strap loafer

For the last few days the weather has shown signs of Spring (here South of Sweden), which is promising, and I can not stop thinking of loafers, suedes, linen clothing and picnicking. In general lighter clothing and shoes to complement the sunny hours and colours of the day. 
This brings me to the below depicted loafer, a Riccardo Bestetti single strap loafer with a buckle, in honey colour or rather a tan/mahogany or even cognac in a beautiful patina, resembling honey. Master Bestetti's shoes do come with the most extra ordinary colouring, I have to say. Some times I wonder if the patina is not the work of Grand Master Alexander Nurulaeff (Dandy Shoe Care), I may be wrong, none-thereless, exquisite patina & colouring and elegantly looking. Candy to the eyes.

Master Bestetti's single strap loafer with a buckle on a square chisel toe. Amazing.
Photos sourced from Master Bestetti

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