Friday, 19 April 2013

GJ Cleverley - Mid night blue exotic leather loafer

For the day I have sampled a casual shoe, a loafer made by the GJ Cleverley house. What is intriguing about the below loafer in mid night blue exotic hide, it's the fact that it was inspired by a Ready To Wear loafer called the "George" from the Cleverley's. A reversed process, as most of the time Ready To wear shoes are inspired by bespoke samples/offerings. 
The Cleverley's write the following about the below loafer: "
For this third edition of the Bespoke Shoe of The Week series, we would like to present you this beautiful pair of midnight blue casual loafers. It is very important to start this article by highlighting the fact that this particular loafer style is the mostchallenging in terms of the bespoke process. Due to the absence of laces the construction of the shoe must be perfect to ensure the required fit is provided in the finishing product. Old man Cleverley would systematically refuse to take any orders for casual shoes. This being said, when the work is properly done the end result is always astonishing.
The pair of shoes you can see in the pictures was directly inspired by our Ready to Wear best-seller loafer called the George. Its elegant and fine shape makes it a shoe that would match numerous outfits within gentleman’s wardrobe, from the very formal to the more casual one. With its band on the instep not extended to the sides this shoe definitely has a modern look while not being too ostentatious.  
If we abide by the saying that a man can be judged from his pair of shoes, the owner of this pair then shouldn’t be worried about the gossips. We can find here a taste in superb quality and a firm appreciation for the exquisite things in lifeall the while,with a will to remain discreet and subtle."

A beautiful casual shoe, no doubt about it. Great loafer, I think I will head for the "George" in suede. 
Midnight blue exotic loafer 
Photos sourced from GJ Cleverley.


  1. Wow.. Those are, in my opinion, the way to wear a navy shoe. I like the slight contrast in a dark grey or navy shoe with out it being too blue or too navy. Those are the perfect color. At first quick glance, they could appear black, but upon further look, are in fact navy. Perfect with a mid-grey or dark grey wool suit. I love when a shoe has enough visual interest to warrant a second glance, but not be too ostentatious. I think I may have to splurge for these .. Well done SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the eloquent, well articulated and written comment on the above loafers.

    Have a pleasant weekend.

    The Shoe Aristo Cat