Monday, 1 April 2013

Il Cornu Blu - Yutaka Seigaku four classics for today

For the day I have sampled Il Cornu Blu - Master Yutaka Seigaku, Japanese bespoke shoemaker's four classical shoes.
Master Yutaka Seigaku in person
 Below a rendition of four classical, elegant, stylish and timeless pieces, a side gusset and three Oxfords from the hands of master Seigaku aka Il Cornu Blu. 

From left: a black side gusset with punched chisel squared cap toe last, a cognac/mahogany Balmoral punched cap toe Oxford, squared chisel last, a black wing tip Adelaide with a medallion, rounded last and a classical full brogue Oxford in very nice rich suede leather, chisel squared toe last. 
Very classic. All of these shoes will not raise an eye brow in any hardcore conservative environment. 
Photos sourced from The Shoe Realist

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