Sunday, 21 April 2013

WS Foster & Son - Full brogue spectator

What is Spring / Summer period like without a stunning spectator? Not sure... but I think that the spectator is linked to the Spring and Summer. I prefer the brown and white (the white being of buckskin) coloured spectator and must be a full brogue Oxford. So, for the day I have sampled a WS Foster & Son, London bespoke shoemaker's full brogue spectator in brown and white colour combination with a medallion. Soft square chisel toe.  This shoe is Just amazingly beautiful and stunning shoe too. 
Note the punched holes of the brogue and on the medallion have been touched white to bring the beauty and thus admiration for this shoe. Hmm, polishing might take some time on this beauties, as you would not like to ruin the white with a touch of brown. Quite stunning, a beautiful rendition of a full brogue spectator.

WS Foster Full brogue spectator in brown calf and white buckskin with a medallion. Perfect shoe for a linen suit and a Panama hat.
Photos sourced from WS Foster & Son


  1. My only issue with these specs are the fact that I live in an area of the US where fashion is still stuck in the 1990s.. I wear these things to work and people wouldn't understand what I had on.. Now I don't care much what they think, the shoes wouldn't be appreciated for their beauty as opposed to me wearing them in New York or LA or a town a bit more accepting of new things...

    Thanks SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the comment. I long stopped caring about what people say about my choice of clothing, as I were the outfit for myself, however working in a conservative environment, I tend not to use very bright colours (more dandyish), so keep things quite sober and acceptable for my working surroundings. Well, on the other side we wear clothing for ourselves and our surroundings, but do not want to look like peacocks on the heat. That I comprehend.

    These shoes for a Saturday outing to the park, picnic or just walking about with a nice linen suit will make heads turn. So why not try it out.

    Have a pleasant day.


    The Shoe Aristo Cat

  3. OMG!!!! What a dashing, eye-widening, fabulous Men Dress Shoes are here. This is just wow..............Awesome.