Sunday, 14 April 2013

GJ Cleverley shoes - for a Japanese client

I am starting this week with some very elegant shoes made for a Japanese gent by GJ Cleverley of London. At the same time closing the passing week's  theme on "Japanese bespoke artisans". 
The  photos are sourced from The Cobblers Web Style, who owns a great number of bespoke shoes from bespoke shoemakers around the Globe. 
The sampled shoes are a "The De Rede" tassel loafer in alligator, a brown and white full brogue spectator and a calf and grained leather saddle shoe. Stunning examples of true shoe artisanship.

All of the depicted shoes are fine examples of well balanced art work, elegant and classic shoes, perhaps for a discerning few, but they are...... inspirational for the Summer and Spring. Hope the week starts with some inspirations and a bit of day dreaming about these fine examples. Why not?  Enjoy.
"The De Rede Tassel loafer in alligator"
A brown leather and white (buckskin) full brogue spectator Oxford
A calf and grained leather saddle with Oxford lacings
 Photos sourced from The Cobblers Web Style


  1. Those gators ... Magnifique! Those spectators would look great with some slim khakis rolled up showing some ankle .. Thanks for the pics !


  2. Hi Brad,

    Nice 2 c u again and thanks for the comments and appreciation of the shoe pictures.

    Best regards
    The Shoe Aristo Cat