Thursday, 18 April 2013

GJ Cleverley - The Whole cut oxford

For the day I have sampled an elegant shoe in black, a classic whole cut Oxford with a stitched cap toe and seamless from the GJ Cleverley establishment. My understanding is that whole cuts, whether be oxfords or loafers are difficult to make, as one has to deal with one single piece of hide and get it correct from start. I suppose that is the challenge for any shoe artisan.
The below straight cap toe has two rows of very close stitchings and it is seamless at the back, because as said, it is made of one single piece of leather.

The stitched cap toe whole cut Oxford as renditioned by GJ Cleverley, a beauty, a classic, a formal shoe and timeless.
Photos sourced from GJ Cleverley


  1. Gorgeous shoes .. What makes them better is that there is no gusset .. Love the chisel toe with the cap. For as elegant as these are, sometimes you can throw them on with a well-worn Oxford and a pair of perfect fitting jeans. Thanks SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the comment. I do agree with your comments, truly a lovely shoe. I did not mention the GJ Cleverley "DNA" which is the squared chisel cap toe, I took that for granted. Cleverley makes the most beautiful squared chisel toes, I have yet seen. True that as formal and elegant this pair is. can be worn with casual clothing.

    Have a pleasant weekend
    The Shoe Aristo Cat