Saturday, 20 April 2013

Bestetti braided suede tassel loafers with hans stitched apron

I have again sampled a shoe from Master Bestetti, a loafer, a tassel loafer, not quite true, a braided tassel loafer in suede. The pictures depict the process of making the shoe, therefore no need for me to add unnecessary words. Take a view and enjoy the process of this beauty being created, from start to end, more or less. Enjoy.

The suede hide sample to cut and design the pattern for the loafer
 The braiding process done manually.
 The patterned and cut hide for the loafer
 The hide lasted on shoe trees to take shape and form of the bespeaker's feet. 
 A close up of the lasted hide on shoe trees. Note that at this time the apron is not yet added to the loafer.
The final braided tassel loafer in suede with a hand stitched raised apron. Just perfect, wonderful. I really do like these loafers for the Summer.
Photos sourced from Master Bestetti

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