Friday, 19 April 2013

Bestetti- Novecento Line (Adelaide) for Salvatore Ambrosi

The below depicted shoes are from Riccardo Freccia Bestetti Novecento Line made for the world's famous bespoke trouser artisan from Italy, Salvatore Ambrosi. I have blogged about the two gents earlier on this blog. 
Yeah, who said that the weekend can not be fun? Enjoy it and get a bit of inspiration from Master Bestetti.

The "Ambrosi Adelaide" as I will name it, in a round toe last, pardon me Master Bestetti, a beautiful rendition of an Adelaide and the patina....oh my....mouth words..... for this piece of art. weekend has just started and getting poorer by the hour.

Master Ambrosi, wear them in good health.
Photos sourced from Riccardo Freccia Bestetti


  1. It's amazing what can happen to a simple Adelaide cap toe when a master gets a hold of it.. When he makes it his own and polishes it to this level is quite something to behold. This shoe . Is. Flat. Out. Gorgeous. I can't think of any occasion I wouldn't wear this.. It's one of those few shoes than transcend.. I would wear this with ANY color .. Yup even black.. It would work with the polish of the shoe, the shape, the confidence it exudes.. Mouth watering is a perfect way to describe it.. Thanks SA

    1. Hi Brad,

      Salut your comments on this shoe. I have an Adelaide in a darker colour and each time I view this shoe and the colour, I am green of envy. True that Mr. Bestetti is one of his kind.


      The Shoe Aristo Cat

  2. I actually just placed an order of a pair of these adelaides (the model is called Maverick) made to Novecento-standard in antique tan. A different last than these though, with a bit pointier toe. Will be awesome I think, Mr Bestetti is a fantastic shoemaker.

  3. Hi J_Ingevaldson,

    Thanks for your input on the "Maverick". We will all be looking forward to your shoe and the day you receive it. Well wishes to a good taste and future owner of a Maverick. True Master Bestetti is a fantastic shoe artisan.

    Have a pleasant day.

    The Shoe Aristo Cat