Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Cliff Roberts - "Lazyman" side gusset shoe with faux laces

Master Cliff Roberts, Northampton based one man operation bespoke shoemaker, never stops amazing me. The popularity of Master Roberts started by some cyberspace gents, shoe forum, shoe lovers and shoe aficionados who got into contact with him to commission a pair or two directly from him. Word by mouth spread around about Master Cliff Roberts works and ...well you know the story by now. Master Roberts can be contacted via Facebook, if needed.

The below is a side gusset with faux laces and a toe cap medallion. I know many gents who dislike the side gusset and adding faux laces it is just not acceptable to them.  
Well, I like the side gussets, I have always said that and the addition of faux laces gives the shoe a dash of a personal touch, in my humble opinion. Not exactly a true laced Oxford, but....a kind of a loafer resembling an Oxford. So in short one has a loafer and an "Oxford" at the same time. Frankly speaking, if one travels a lot, then this is the shoe you need to have. The colour of the shoe is something between black and mid night blue, a beautiful rendition of a side gusset with faux laces. 
Well done Master Cliff Roberts. Looking forward to more works from you.

Side gusset with false laces, cap toe medallion and three piece shoe trees

Photos sourced from Style Forum

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