Monday, 22 April 2013

Yukio Akamine - a well dressed gent

I have noted that older gents have a way of assembling their attire with such ease and confidence that their appearance looks very well and appealing to the eye, and keeping a classic majestic posture. Not sure if it has to do with age or wisdom of dressing acquired over years to keep things simple, elegant and classic. One such gent is Yukio Akamine.

For the day I have sampled pictures of Mr. Akamine a Japanese gent, who pulls it off all the time and keeping a very classical, elegant and timeless look. What is your view?

Mr. Yukio Akamine in shades of blue, note the blue pocket square, socks and tie. Lovely shades of blue.
Mr. Akamine in tweed suit, three button, roll two and a pocket square - naturally.
 Mr. Akamine casual dress, odd jacket, pullover, casual cord trousers and an orange scarf, yes a pocket square.
 Mr. Akamine in converse shoes
Mr. Akamine in a brown chalked stripped double breasted suit, tie, pocket square.
 Mr. Akamine in a grey flannel double breasted suit, tie and pocket square, standing with Mr. Michael Alden(left)
 Mr. Akamine in another double breasted suit, tie and a white pocket square
Photos sourced from the Sartorialist and For The Discerning Few


  1. Just another japanese chap that's adopted the italian look...

  2. Hi AFJ,

    Thanks for the comment. Mr. Akamine looks great with the adopted Italian look.

    Have a pleasant day.

    Best regards
    The Shoe Aristo CAt