Monday, 22 April 2013

Bestetti - whole cut brown alligator loafer

For the moment I am only thinking of loafers and only loafers, not sure why. Anyway for the day I sampled this beautiful rendition of a whole cut alligator loafer from Master Riccardo Bestetti, a stunning shoe.
Master Bestetti's rendition of a whole cut loafer made of alligator hide on a chisel square toe. Beautiful shoe. Well executed. 
 The owner of the whole cut alligator loafer wearing his shoes paired with lovely coloured socks. WoW!
Photos sourced from Master Bestetti or Style Forum not sure which of the two.

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  1. Hi Justin,
    Have been a fan of you, your site and your passion for a couple years. "Labor of love" is a maxim with you in mind. Your Bestetti postings drive me nuts! You and or the master himself have teased me no end. Is he EVER going RTW with a source for the offerings?