Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Kunai Atsushi - The Green single monk and a tan Chukka

Whilst waiting for the Spring/Summer to come I have been looking at Master Kunai Atsushi and other bespoke Japanese shoemakers creations, and I came to the conclusion that I will use this week to high light the Japanese bespoke shoemakers. For the day I have sampled Master Kunai's a green single monk rendition with a very distinctive buckle and a tan chukka boot with Bach partituras.
I simply sampled the two creations because in my humble opinion they are great assets for the Spring/Summer. Both are unique, as the monk has a very special buckle and the Chukka being decorated with Bach's music score. How clever.

Green single monk with a distinctive buckle by Master Kunai, square chisel toe.
Tan Chukka with Bach music score on it, squared chisel toe
All photos sourced from Bespoke Makers

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