Friday, 12 April 2013

Guild of Crafts - Japan

Guild of Crafts, Asakusa (Japan) is one of the bespoke shoemaking houses which needs to be mentioned when naming the bespoke shoe industry of Japan. The Guild was established in 1996 in Asakusa, the heart of Japanese shoemaking region, by master shoemaker Chihiro Yamaguchi. 
In 1999, The Guild founded "Saruwaka Footwear College" and in 2006 the Guild opened flag shops in Ginza and Tokyo offering bespoke and made to order foot wear.

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Master Chihiro Yamaguchi in person
The Guild works with classical shoe styles, then add a modern twist to some of the creations whilst paying great respect, attention to the details, add massive passion and dedication to the art of shoemaking.  The results can be seen below at the depicted creations. 

Very distinctive side strapped single monk, I like the design of this monk. It is a monk I would like to add to my footwear arsenal.
A two toned Balmoral boot with a modern twist, stitched cap toe, chisel square toe last
 A Spat boot in two tones, rounded last
Diamond peaked cap toe side gusset in three tones
Peaked cap toe, suede side gusset...hmmmm....
Inner side laced oxford with a monogram
Seamless whole cut Oxford
 Another whole cut Oxford 
Classical stitched cap toe Oxford with darkened cap toe, square chisel last
A U winged Adelaide Oxford with a medallion, chisel square toe last
A very interesting hide samples, I think Ostrich leg and calf leather Oxford with very interesting brogue on the cap toe, round toe last.
Women's shoe designs by the Guild.
 A sports car shoe in pure leather, single tier. 
Photos sourced from Guild of Crafts and Diane Pernet Typepad

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