Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Koji Suzuki aka Spigola - shoe creations

Master Koji Suzuki aka "Spigola", is the better known of the Japanese bespoke shoemakers, and as I am trotting on the theme of Japanese bespoke shoemakers, he has to be mentioned and included. I consider Master Spigola a very talented gent and his creations can attribute to that. No wonder there is a waiting list of up to a year to get a pair made from him. From Master Suzuki aka Spigola, I have sampled a few creations depicted below. Enjoy.

Black "Lazy Man's shoe" side gusset with false laces and a medallion on the cap toe

Stingray whole cut on the making
Black side laced stitched cap toe

Crocodile loafer in brown

 Master Koji Suzuki aka Spigola at work
Photos samples from Image Shack US and Bespoke Makers

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