Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Il Quadrifoglio- Carpincho (Capybara) hide creations

Following the footsteps of Master Kunai Atsushi aka Il Quadrifoglio on creations made of other hide than cow leather. First time I saw a bespoke shoe made of Carpincho (Capybara) hide was from the GJ Cleverley bespoke boot & shoemaker house based in London. Today I bring you Master Kunai's rendition of a Chukka boot and one tier Derby in Capybara hide. 

Capybara Chukka boot and a two tier Derby in cow hide. The Chukka in the Capybara is so pleasing to the eye, even the exotic leather of the Carpincho fits the Chukka so well.

A shoe for the Spring and Summer. Well done Master Kunai.
Here a rendition of a one eyelet Derby from Capybara leather, so refined and elegant from Master Kunai. A job well done
Photo sourced from Bespoke Makers  

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