Sunday, 28 April 2013

Gaziano and Girling - two samples of bespoke shoes

Northampton based Gaziano and Girling, have this "little" tendency of pulling some amazing rabbits from the magic bag of shoes. No wonder they are are so popular amongst the new generation of gents commissioning bespoke shoes/boots.

Below a wing tipped whole cut Adelaide laced Oxford in dark antiqued oak on the TG73 chisel last. Simple, elegant, classic and timeless shoe with a modern twist.
 A three tier Derby in calf and lizard hides with a medallion on the cap toe, round last DG70. Very cool Derby shoe and very sober medallion. Ouch....wish my treasurer box was unlimited. 
Photos sourced from Dandy Shoe Care


  1. G&G does it again.. Everything they make us impeccable. It's amazing they cost in the same ballpark as Lobb, but a conpletely different shoe and style.. Also the st crispins were gorgeous as well.. I have a pair of drivers just like them.

    Thanks SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for your comment and I am pleased you enjoyed the blog on the GG's and the SC's.

    Have a pleasant day.


    The Shoe Aristo Cat