Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Saion - creations for the day

Today I have picked up a few creations from Saion, a Japanese bespoke shoemaker, who tends to take the classics and give them a dash and spicy splash of a modern twist and get a great big bang. Take a note on the first shoe, a brogue, adelaide, but then the colour. Wow! Move on and look at the third pair, the Derby, simply stunning and lastly the quarter brogue in reddish. Master Saion does perform wonders. Okay, no more talking, lets look and the more we look we will be able to see. Enjoy.
Blue Adelaide Oxford. Very interesting design, colouring and pattern. The Heel!
Black stitched Balmoral oxford with stitched cap toe. Very classic.
Two tier Derby, very sleek, elegantly done. Look at the proportions of the shoe. The heel is a killer. A very different approach to renditioning a Derby. A beauty. Piece of art.
This Derby reminds me of the works of Master Tuzcek and Master Cleverley. I reckon that Baron De Rede will not mind bespeaking a pair from Master Saion.
 A quarter brogue Oxford in reddish toned colour. Hmmm.....magnificent
Photos sourced from Saion

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