Monday, 22 April 2013

Grenson - whole cut suede tassel loafer "Marcel"

I had a friendly chat with one of my colleagues over the weekend, who asked me if I only own and blog about "high-end" shoes and clothing, well that was a hard one to swallow. Question is: What is "high-end" and for whom? I know of gents, who would not dream of cashing out for a pair of Crockett and Jones hand grade product(s), then on the opposite I know of others who will not settle for less than a bespoke John Lobb or the like. Depends who the target  audience is. 

So the question is tricky and to some extend not fair. Anyway, for the day I have sampled a whole cut loafer "Marcel" in brown suede from Grenson, a lovely shoe. Currently the "Marcel" is offered in brown, grey and blue suede (which looks very good) and it is below 200 British pounds. A beautiful shoe for the Spring/Summer period.
The Grenson "Marcel" in brown suede
Photos sourced from myself

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