Friday, 19 April 2013

Gaziano and Girling - Walkton in pigskin and calf

For inspiration for a two toned wing tipped Adelaide Oxfords, I have sampled the below "Walkton" from Gaziano and Girling. The shoe is made of pigskin (black) and calf (vintage Rioja). Very interesting choice of hide and combination of the colours makes this shoe very distinctive and interesting, no doubt, heads will turn in admiration and envy.

G&G's "Walkton" in black pigskin and vintage Rioja calf hide, chisel squared toe last(TG73). The texture of the pigskin hide comes out in this combination and gives the shoe a very exotic look and appeal. Just lovely.
Photos sourced from Bespoke England


  1. What can I say... G&G does it again. They pull another rabbit out of the hat. It's just truly amazing what a little feature like the pebbling of the black leather can do for a shoe.. They are the best for a reason. Thanks SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the comment. Yes G&G have a thing for pulling exquisite rabbits from their magic bag. True that the black (pig hide) and burgundy do complement each other and makes this shoe dazzling. Odd that most of the shoes in pigskin are always in a "TAN" like colour and therefore I for example never took note that pig hide in a different colour than tan can look amazing and extra ordinary. The poor man's exotic hide.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    The Shoe Aristo Cat.