Sunday, 28 April 2013

Saint Crispin's blue loafers for the Spring / Summer

For the day just before blue Monday, I have sampled three pairs of loafers from Saint Crispin's, Viennese bespoke shoemaker. The first two loafers are on the model 533 last and the third on the model 111, both chiseled lasts. 
If I am not mistaken, Saint Crispin's will be having a trunk show next weekend in Stockholm, Sweden. A pity I can not make it for the event. I hope I can get a good feed back from those (I know) who will be to attending the event. Anyway, just before blue Monday, I present you the blue loafers as renditioned by Viennese Saint Crispin's.

Model 533 on the chiseled last in blue calf leather.
 Another model 533 on a chiseled last in blue suede leather. The laces in calf leather.
Model 511 on a SC chisel last in blue suede.
Photos sourced from Pinterest

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